At Home Testing with Positive Impact Health Centers

The At-Home Testing with PIHC program allows you an opportunity to know your HIV status privately in the comfort of your home. …and that’s not all!  PIHC is here to help you every step of the way. Just call one of our trained Prevention Specialists at 678-365-4300.

They can:

  • Help with directions.
  • Address test and sexual health questions.
  • Offer support during testing.
  • Offer guidance on next steps.

Once you have completed your At-Home HIV test, we ask that you complete the confidential post survey to let us know how we can improve and better serve you. The survey will tell us what other services you might need. Every month all persons completing the survey will be entered into a $100 Amazon gift card drawing! But first things first!

Complete the online form to order your HIV At-Home test kit. Once you receive your test kit:

  • If you want help call or schedule a video appointment with a Prevention Specialist.
  • For immediate support outside of PIHC operating hours, watch the instructional video and follow the test kit instructions.
  • Test in a private, safe area without interruption for about 30 minutes.
  • Remain calm and in a relaxed state of mind throughout.


Negative Test

If your test is negative, call or schedule a video appointment with a PIHC Prevention Specialist. The Prevention Specialist will discuss a personalized plan to reduce your exposure to HIV. You may also continue to receive support from PIHC by:

  • Requesting another at-home HIV Test after 90 days.
  • Receiving affordable STI testing at one of our select locations in Atlanta.


Positive Test

If your test is preliminary positive you may have HIV and will need a confirmatory test. Contact a PIHC Prevention Specialist (or your primary care provider) to discuss your results and schedule an HIV confirmatory test. If you would like to continue receiving support from PIHC, remember:

  • We provide the confirmatory test free of charge at one of our Centers.
  • If your confirmatory test is positive and you do not have a health care provider, we can also provide HIV care.
  • We are HIV specialists. Both insured and uninsured individuals may be eligible for our network of services. Our services include medical care, prevention, behavioral health, case management and social support services.

What’s Next:

  • Continue to Practice Safer Sex.
  • Free Condoms: Order free condoms by mail.
  • PrEP: If you or your partner is HIV- negative learn more about PrEP (the once a day pill to prevent HIV) and enroll in our free program if eligible.

Additional Related Services

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