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Do you sometimes feel stuck in your life? Doing the same thing over and over again usually leads to the same results sometimes those results are not healthy, can be hurtful, lead to feeling lonely and unloved by the people in your life. Living with HIV can be difficult enough without making matters worse having to deal with emotional troubles, relationship dramas, or being drawn to using when you really want to slow down or quit. CRUISE CONTROL is a program for Gay men that teach some great skills that can give you new ways to deal with the drama in your life and open new doors to living a happier and healthier life…and you can earn up to $240.00 while you learn! More information? Contact

Positive Choices/Healthy Relationships 

Positive Choices is a small group program at the Duluth Center for HIV positive persons and helps them decide if telling other people about their HIV status is the best choice for them. The program helps HIV-positive people decide when and if it’s best to:

  • Tell their HIV status to family and friends
  • Tell their HIV status to sex partners and needle-sharing partners
  • Practice safer behaviors

Groups meet for two hours in Duluth, once a week, for 5 weeks. At each meeting, you and the other group members will watch short movie clips that will be used to talk about different issues. Come ready to have fun and lots of laughs! Snacks are provided during sessions. Prizes and gift cards will be offered for attending sessions. Contact


WILLOW – DULUTH Office  Willow emphasized gender pride, helps women identify and maintain supportive social networks, teaching coping strategies, enhances awareness of STI transmission and HIV reinfection, teaches assertive communication skills and helps participants distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships and define types of abusive relationships. Attend 4 hours of sessions and receive $250 in gift cards. Groups are scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 12th, 19th, 26th and Nov. 2nd. Contact Traci Thomas (678)990-6435 for information and registration.


TWILLOW – Decatur Office TWILLOW is a small group intervention specifically for transgender women living with HIV. Groups focus on gender pride, effective communication styles and other affirming issues around the trans experience. Participants receive $250 in gift cards for completing the program (all 4 sessions). A meal and roundtrip MARTA cards are provided for each session.  Contact Tori Cooper (678) 990-6438 for information and registration. Now recruiting for new groups in November and December.


HoP – Hour of Power – Decatur Office Monday, Oct. 9th 3 p.m. HoP is an empowerment group for the transgendered community and allies. We discuss real-life issues in an affirming and safe space. Recent topics have included Trans Safety, Dating While Trans, and The Say No2Silicone campaign. The group has been visited by both the former and current Ms. Black Trans International. There is always good food and great conversation.   To RSVP or for more information on location contact Tori Cooper (678)990-6438.



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